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Pantyhose. It’s one of those dark secrets real men just don’t talk about. But if you took x-ray glasses into half the duck blinds and deer camps in this country you’d find more sexy stockings than you see at the Moulin Rouge. Ultra-Sheer, nude, black, fishnet, lacy, control-top, we’ve worn ’em all, skulking around the woods worrying that our wives are gonna get really pi**ed if we get a runner in their L’eggs.

But no longer. Because the time has come for…Mantyhose.

No, seriously. It really has.

From the press release:
_Hunters Turn to Mantyhose for Relief From the Elements: GRANVILLE/OHIO, USA – July 28, 2009 — When fall is in the air and hunters take to the woods, temperatures also begin to drop. By the time deer season rolls around, it can get bitter cold after all those hours in a treestand. If you’re like many, you’ve worn your long johns under your Carhartts® in an effort to fend off the chill. The trouble is, they can feel pretty bulky under the rest of your clothes–not to mention the trouble with clothing containing cotton fiber…So what’s a guy to do?…An Ohio-based company has a solution to allow all of us to keep warm and still retain the title of manly-man. ACTIVSKIN® sells opaque and sheer tights designed specifically for men. Their legwear is tailored to male body proportions, including a fly opening to eliminate any question of this being a truly masculine alternative. _

The company even has a blog at To be honest I don’t know which is more disturbing: the fact there’s a blog out there covering (so to speak) men’s pantyhose, or that it’s already attracted 58 followers.

OK, so now that the issue’s out of the undie drawer, the question is: if it’s specifically marketed toward men, does that make it manly enough to wear without shame? Would you wear it, and more importantly, would you admit you’re wearing it?

Who knows, but here’s some marketing advice for the company: if you want men to feel comfortable and manly in your tights, then lose the models built like ballarinas and go find some hairy legs and beer bellies…