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by David E. Petzal

It occurred to me that I’ve given short shrift to some of the best hunting/outdoor knives in the world–those from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Lappland. In terms of quality, usefulness, and good looks, they have very little competition. There are several sources in the United States, but the two that I use and recommend are Ragweed Forge way the hell off in western New York State, and Kellam Knives Company in Lantana, Florida. Both carry Scandinavian knives, but what they offer is quite different, and the two lines don’t cross over.

Ragweed Forge deals in no fewer than 11 lines of handmade knives, most very inexpensive (you have to look hard to find one over $100). If I may suggest, look hardest at the Norwegian Helle knives and the Swedish Moras. The original wood-handled Mora is a world-class working knife that costs around $35, and there are newer models that sell for less.

Kellam Knives carries multiple product lines which are somewhat pricier across the board. For working knives, take a hard look at the Big Juoni Folder (FJ2), the Ranger Pukko (JPM95), a very grim, ultra-functional military knife, and the AK5 Forged Wilderness knife. And there is much, much more.

You can go nuts at both websites.