Big Game Hunting photo
Big Game Hunting photo


Now I’ve never heard of “The Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center” but in response to their announcement of Bigfoot’s propensity for rock-chucking I feel compelled to point out that if they wanted to find Bigfoot all they had to do was visit Honobia, Oklahoma and they’d run right into him, literally, because there’s a Bigfoot crossing sign right there in the middle of town.

Geez, how hard can it be, right?

I have a special affinity for Bigfoot because in the summer of 2005 yours truly travelled all across Oklahoma hoping to meet up with the hairy dude. If you’re interested in reading what I modestly believe to be the definitive account of Sooner State cryptozoology, you can download a PDF copy of the magazine it appeared in here.

During the course of my travels I discovered that Oklahoma’s Bigfoot country is home to some fantastic trout and smallmouth fishing, so naturally I concentrated my search along the banks of the Lower Mountain Fork River in far southeastern Oklahoma. I had accidentally brought along a fly rod, so I decided that posing as an angler might draw Bigfoot out of the woods. I know, I know, it was a dangerous and risky strategy but I’m a reporter.That’s my job. Three exhausting days and many fish later, low provisions and the end of my meager expense account forced me to break off the search. But I know he’s out there, rock in hand, waiting…