Hunting Dogs photo

I dislike Chihuahuas intensely, in part because I just don’t see the appeal of owning a dog (if that’s what they really are) that any decent-sized bull snake could swallow whole. But whatever the ugly little creatures are, I’ll give Chihuahuas this; they sport a pair of brass clankers all out of proportion to their body size. Either that or the three in this video clip got confused and mistook the mountain lion they cornered in their owner’s garage for an unprotected ankle …

You’d never see any self-respecting coyote get itself cornered and cowed by something that (and I quote) is “carried around in [a] handbag” but perhaps dogs the size of Norway rats are the answer to California’s cougar troubles.

You see, California has had a ban on mountain lion hunting since 1990, a vote that was widely supported by the entertainment industry. In gratitude, California’s mountain lion population immediately began dining on said voters.

This video demonstrates that while California’s mountain lions may have no qualms about snacking on joggers, something about annoying, pampered little yappy dogs with no sense of self-preservation terrifies them. And which industry is chock-full of annoying, pampered little yappy dogs?

That’s right, the entertainment industry.

It’s a perfect synergy: All the celebrities who lobbied for California’s ban on hunting mountain lions can now loan their trendy little handbag dogs to citizens who have to live with the consequences of that decision. Someone call Paris Hilton, quick.