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Apparently the culture of greed and reckless mismanagement that brought us the Enron scandal and the Wall Street mess exists in the conservation community as well. Accusations and counter-accusations are still flying and the full truth has yet to come out, but it would seem that the recent implosion of Quail Unlimited is another version of the same sad, familiar story of people at the top wrecking an organization for personal gain. In this case, it was an organization built largely by the passion and hard work of grassroots volunteers who thought they were working for wildlife, which makes this story from Covey Rise especially galling:

Quail Unlimited in turmoil – faces rocky road
The nation’s oldest and largest quail organization has found itself in turmoil, facing at least one federal investigation, and no on-site senior management left to run Quail Unlimited.

The last two chief executives are gone, including the organization’s co-founder, Rocky Evans. Evans resigned last March amid growing pressure on the organization’s finances.