Trail Camera photo

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I know many of us were shocked in the summer of 2008 when the last surefire proof of Bigfoot turned out to be a gorilla suit in a freezer, and of course the year before when that juvenile Pennsylvania Bigfoot wound up being a bear with a bad case of mange (and, to be fair, when pretty much every other sighting was really just a guy in an ape suit). But this time there can be no doubt. Just read the article below and ask youself: What use does a salesperson have for stretching the truth?

Still, even if this one doesn’t pan out, I’m confident. I have a trail cam in the woods behind my house pointed at a 50-gallon drum filled with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky. I’m sure I’ll be reporting soon.

From the Star Tribune:

Tim Kedrowski admits he was “super skeptical” at first. But now the 55-year-old salesman from Rice, Minn., wonders if his motion-activated camera managed to do something no one else has — capture Bigfoot in Minnesota’s big woods, far from his alleged stomping grounds in the Pacific Northwest.

Kedrowski’s two adult sons set up the camera on the family’s hunting land near Remer, Minn., and Leech Lake to see what animals might trigger it — never expecting a black creature about 7 feet tall to stride through a stand of trees in late October.

Scientists, no doubt, will scoff as they always do, but Kedrowski’s photo of the big lug, more formally known as Sasquatch, has given believers renewed hope that the creature might exist.

“We were sure it wasn’t a bear and wasn’t someone pulling a scam on us,” Kedrowski said.

Check out the full story and tell us what you think it is.