Whitetail Hunting photo

Got an email from a Buck Tracker reader with a simple request this week. Is the buck below the new Kentucky state record? I have no details beyond this fuzzy photograph and the following details; that the rumor is the buck was killed in Robertson County near Mount Olivet.


For the record, the Boone & Crockett state records for the Bluegrass State are some heady marks to beat. The typical mark belongs to a 204-2/8″ buck killed by Robert Smith in 2000, and the non-typ category is ruled by a found (picked up) rack that measured 271 B&C and was discovered in 2004. The biggest hunter-killed buck was shot by Ben Brogle in 2002 and scored 260 B&C.

Kentucky has been relatively quiet this fall in B&C news…surprising due to its big-buck reputation. I’ve asked a few folk that might know, and they can’t toss a crumb of information my way about this deer. So I’m asking you guys…Know anything about this buck? It’s definitely a giant, but if there’s some solid info out there, I’d love to say readers of this blog unraveled the mystery!