Hunting Dogs photo

From the truth is stranger than fiction (and sometimes more depressing) department comes a tale out of Papillion, Nebraska. It seems earlier this month, the owner of two pugs committed suicide in his home but didn’t make plans for his dogs, Harry and Sally, after he departed this world.

Dogs being dogs, Harry and Sally, left without food, eventually began to…

…feed on their owner until the body was discovered two weeks later. The dogs are now in possession of the Humane Society, which is offering them up for adoption.

Any potential owner will be told the pugs’ history. But not too worry, a Humane Society representative told the media, dogs “don’t have memories like people.” Folks, I’m going to call that a big pile of Santa poop. I highly doubt that these dogs have garnered a taste for human or will be affected by the experience, but to toss out a blanket statement claiming dogs don’t have memories is a bit much.

I really do hope someone steps up and adopts these dogs.

But here’s the deal. If I happened to kick the rusty bucket unexpectedly and Pritchard was with me but had no access to food (say we’re adrift in my boat) I have no problem if she had to nibble on me until someone discovered her. Heck, I’ve been marinating myself in bourbon and Budweiser for so long I might even be tender…but I doubt it.

Call me sick, but I do just about anything to protect that dog, so becoming kibble after I’m gone doesn’t much bother me–as long a she doesn’t put a hole in my waders.