Duck Hunting photo

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This blind apparently sits somewhere near the town of Undisclosed Location, Arkansas.

According to the person who forwarded the picture, the blind has three stories. The bottom holds four boats, two hunters and has two dog doors. The second floor has full kitchen, two stoves (!), electricity, a living room with two couches and satellite TV. There are seats for 14 hunters on the second floor as well as a running toilet and a grill. The third floor has room for just three hunters, who are high enough up to be shooting down at decoying ducks.


I have seen a blind this big once, also in Arkansas. The one I saw, though,was bare bones: it looked like the Swiss Family Robinson’s treehouse after framing and before finish work started. It had two decks and was literally big enough to hunt 30 people at once with room left over for a ping pong table in the back if they had wanted to boat one in.

My first thought is, my idea of fun is standing in the weeds, not hunting out of a house with 18 other people. My second is, it must be quite a duck spot to justify building a blind that big.