Duck Hunting photo

Say you’re in your duck blind and you’ve just shot a duck you can’t identify. Hen mallard? Mottled duck? Three-toed Scandinavian Quacker? Hey, there’s an app for that. From this release from Ducks Unlimited.

_It’s the official iPhone App of Ducks Unlimited! This App includes a waterfowl ID gallery with slideshows, detailed bird information and audio files of various waterfowl species. Additionally, more than 300 duck hunting, duck calling, retriever training and other videos are featured from the app.

Looking for information about the next DU event in your hometown? View a list of more than 4,000 events across the nation along with details and contact information. Finally, stay up to date with the latest DU news from our Twitter feed – all in one app._

That’s cool and all, but as a member of that ever-dwindling tribe known as “People Who Still Do Not Have iPhones” I’m wondering: are iPhones waterproof? Freezeproof? Mud and dog slobber-proof? Sinkproof? I just don’t think of a typical duck blind as being a very electronics-friendly environment. But maybe I’m wrong. Anyone out there ever bring their iPhone duck hunting and had them live to ring again?