Whitetail Hunting photo

Last fall, we posted video of a huge whitetail filmed by Max Woelm, a friend of mine from Excelsior, Minnesota. The footage wasn’t top-notch, but there was no mistaking the size of the buck; he was a giant, world-class deer that looked to be a clean typical. Not long after we made that post, the video went semi-viral, and deer hunters across the country marveled at this beautiful buck.


But the story doesn’t end there. Jay Miller, another resident of Excelsior, had been monitoring the buck via trail cameras through the month of Jannuary. On February 7th, Miller spotted the monster–this time in person–sporting only the left side of his massive rack. Miller began his hunt for the right antler the next day, eventually finding the 6-point side on February 9th. The left side was recovered by Miller about a quarter mile away.

According to measurers from the North American Shed Hunting Club, Miller’s matched set netted 175-0/8″, setting a state record for typical shed antlers (the right side scored 91-3/8″, the left antler 89-5/8″). If entered in the NASHC book, the antlers would qualify as the 6th-largest set of typicals ever recorded in the NASHC record book. Add the spread, and this rack would be well into the 190s. Stay tuned to Whitetail 365, where we hope to keep tabs on this buck next summer and fall.