Whitetail Hunting photo

Well folks, it’s official; the huge Nebraska whitetail killed by Kevin Petrzilka last November is the new state typical record. The massive 17-point buck tallied 202-6/8″ B&C, when scored by official measurer Ricky Kreuger last month. Nebraska’s previous state record typical scored 199-2/8″ and was shot by Vernon Virka while hunting in Saunders County in 1983.


Petrzilka, who also shot his buck in Saunders County, has to be thrilled with the announcement of this official score. But he may have no idea exactly how special this behemoth buck truly is. Of the millions of whitetail bucks killed since B&C started keeping records in 1830, only 16 typicals have scored 200″ or better. Petrzilka’s buck will–unless another buck surprises us–tie for 7th place in the B&C typical list.

It gets better. Of the 7 deer above Petrzilka’s giant, four have come from Canadian provinces. And the most recent 202-plus buck shot in the United States was a Missouri trophy killed in 1971. That makes this heavy-horned 17-pointer not only a state record, but the largest American typical tagged by a hunter in 39 years. Absolutely amazing!

Congrats to Kevin Petrzilka from Whitetail 365! Contributor Steven Hill did the original gallery on this buck shortly after it was taken; look for more coverage on this special deer from Steve right here in the weeks to come.