Hunting Dogs photo

Let’s face it, owning a gun dog is a major commitment in terms of time, resources and money. And as much as those of us who have them can’t fathom not having them, the fact remains–whether by choice, circumstance or economics–gun dog ownership is simply not for everyone.


But what if you could rent one? Yes, that’s right, rent a fully-trained bird dog for a day, a week, or even lease one for an entire season? I had never thought about gun dogs in those terms, but as I was browsing the Upland Journal forums recently I ran across a thread discussing just that concept.

A little digging on my part revealed that Pecan Tree Kennel located in Bellville, Texas will lease you a trained bird dog. From the website:
_The Pecan Tree Kennel, Bellville, Texas, will lease you a fully trained bird dog by the day, week, month, or season. The lessee will be required to fill out and sign a Lease Dog Contract prior to or at the time the lease dog(s) are picked up. A copy of the Lease Dog Contract can be mailed or faxed to you in advance upon request for your review or completion.
_The lease dogs are fully trained bird dogs. Each dog has had several years of experience hunting wild birds. Our lease dogs have been carefully selected so that we can provide you with a fully trained dog that will point and hold birds, back to sight or command and hunt dead and retrieve. All the lease dogs will be selected from our easier to handle dogs. Our dogs are whistle trained and have had electric collar training. Remember! These are lease dogs.

These dogs do not know you nor have they had the opportunity to learn your particular hunting style. A little patience will go a long, enjoyable way. A deposit will be required on each lease dog(s) to be paid prior to or at the time the lease dog(s) is picked up. The deposit will be an amount equal to the value of the dog, which in most cases will be $1,250.00 per lease dog. This deposit is refundable, based upon the terms and conditions stated in our Lease Dog Contract (PDF file). All lease monies are payable in full prior to or at the time your lease dogs are picked up._

It will, however, cost you…

1. Lease a dog per day: $100 per dog per day.
2. Lease a dog per week: $500 per dog per week.
3. Lease a dog per month: $1,000 per dog per month.
4. Lease a dog per season: $2,000 per dog per season.

Not inexpensive, by any means, but to someone who wants to hunt behind a dog without having to make the year-round commitment to dog ownership, it may look like a bargain. What do you think? If you couldn’t or chose not to own your own, would you consider leasing a hunting dog?