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I’ve previously blogged about the dangers of losing your dog. By now many of you and your dogs have been hunting for well over a month, and hopefully none of you have experienced it this season. A lost dog in the field (or anywhere) is one of the most panic-inducing things a hunter can experience. That’s why most of us have our dogs chipped, have flat tags riveted to their collars and why many of us run GPS collars like the Astro when we hunt.

But here’s an interesting question: What do you have stamped on your dog’s collar tag? I have to admit, I’ve always just included my name, city, state and home phone number and called it good, but as I was ordering new collars for my dogs recently I read an interesting article on Steve Snell’s gundogsupply website that detailed what Steve considered the most important information for a collar tag, which includes multiple phone numbers, your name and not the dog’s, followed by your city and state.

Good, practical advice, but what caught my eye was some of the additional info Steve suggested including on your dog’s tag(s).

From the website:

_We also use a few other things on our tags to help get our dogs back. “Needs Daily Meds” is one of my favorites. It adds a certain amount of urgency to getting the dog back home. If folks know that your dog needs medicine and that it’s daily, they will be in more of a rush to locate you. “Reward if Found” is another good one. Just keep in mind if you put it on there, be ready to pay up when someone locates your dog. We have done this for years and the few times I have lost a dog, I could never get the person to take the reward. I did buy dinner one night for a couple of hunters that found my lost brittany named Maggie. Now you may be asking, “How do I get all this information on a 4 line tag?” Well, I can’t, so I double tag my collars.
That’s a great idea, and I must admit I had never thought about that before. Have any of you had anything similar put on your dog’s tags in the hopes of getting him or her returned sooner?