Hunting Dogs photo

If you have a dog with sore, cracked or tender pads, here’s something I can heartily recommend.

It’s called Tuf-Foot, and I used it liberally on my dogs’ feet earlier this year after both setters developed sore, tender pads while on a hunting trip. It worked wonders. According to the maker, Tuf-Foot toughens soft pads, protects feet against bruises and soreness, and acts as a healing agent for minor cuts and scratches.

Sounds like a do-all snake oil pitch, but it works. It stings a little going on (I applied with a cotton ball) but after a few days of applying Tuf-Foot the dogs’ pads were obviously feeling better and both were good to go. I had no more problems the rest of the trip.

I have since maintained the Tuf-Foot regimen twice a week, per maker suggestion, and have had zero pad issues. When my chessie stepped on a hook last weekend, I started using Tuf-Foot on her, too. And while I doubt it will toughen a dog’s pads sufficiently to turn a fishhook, I’m guessing it’ll certainly help with most everything else. If you have a dog with sensitive pads, give it a try. My first-aid kit now has a bottle of Tuf-Foot as standard equipment. $9.95 for an eight-ounce bottle is pretty cheap insurance.

Anyone else use and can recommend Tuf-Foot?