Bird Hunting photo

There are very few, if any, songs I’m aware of about hunting that are any good. Therefore, I was delighted to find that the Turnpike Troubadours, a Red Dirt band I like, recently released a song that isn’t only about hunting—but also about bird hunting. “The Bird Hunters” is an actual, real country song* about quail hunting. Well, it’ not about quail hunting, but it takes place during a quail hunt, complete with a Belgian Browning and an old pointer named Jim. The Troubadours are good storytellers.

Here’s “The Bird Hunters” for your listening pleasure.

*Country music, at least the kind you hear on the radio, is no longer real country. It has become Red State Pop and is, to me, largely unlistenable. Real country songs are written for and about adults. They are usually about wrecked relationships or other grownup problems. Many have drinking in them, and it is rarely happy drinking.