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I was going to make Frog’s Fanny dry fly powder a “Stuff That Works” honoree because it is indeed the best stuff I’ve used to revitalize soggy dry flies by way of wicking away moisture.

But I like my flies shaken, not stirred.

And Frog’s Fanny comes in a little vial with a paintbrush applicator attached to the screw-cap. I don’t know who thought that one up, but they obviously don’t fish in the Rockies. I mean, I’d love to dab and paint my duns, drakes, and hopper flies, but when the wind is hoofin’ 30-m.p.h. as it was all day today, I end up choking on more of that stuff than I can stick to a dry fly. And that’s a waste of a fine product and money.

Here’s the fix. Get a vial of “Dry Shake” with the little beads and some powder inside. Inevitably, that stuff shakes near-dry of the powder element after a good day or so of fishing. No worries… take a little puff of that Frog’s Fanny and pour it into the spent Dry Shake vial. NOW you have something that will wick those flies dry, and keep them riding high for hours on end. Just drop your fly in the vial, gently close the cap (Not all the way, so you crimp your tippet) and shake your fly dry. It’s magical.

Years of guiding have taught me that I often have to mix and match one product with the other to find the best solution. Keep “spicing up” your shake bottle with some Frog’s Fanny powder as the season goes on, and you will inevitably save money… recondition more dry flies… and catch more fish.

Sometimes a home-brew twist on using different products will help you get more bang for your buck.

Trust me on this one.