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In my last post regarding frog lures with custom legs, a comment was made that it was thought these lures were a homemade concoction. Well they were not, but if you’re into homemade lures, here’s a gem that I’ve resurrected from a blog post I wrote a long, long time ago. Behold the Guinness Widget lure.


Here’s how it works. Inside bottles of Guinness Draught, there is a clever plastic device called a widget that, in short, releases pressure as you pour the beer to produce a frothy head just like from the tap. The first time I extracted one from a bottle I thought, “now this I can use.”

After I had five widgets, I set to work building a daisy chain out of them that I trolled with much success for bonito and false albacore. I gave one to a friend who even boated a few schoolie tuna on it. For complete instructions on making this daisy chain, click here.

At about three inches, the widget is the perfect baitfish size, and the little wings it has to keep it upright in the bottle make it spin and flutter in the water. Design possiblities are endless. Though I’ve only tried my daisy chain, I would bet that single lures would produce salmon (I’d go pink paint with silver tape), lakers, heck maybe even walleye trolled on downriggers. I’m positive you could cast one for Spanish mackerel and bluefish with excellent results. Instead of rigging a single hook as in the daisy chain, try a dressed treble, or hoochie squid…the list goes on.

Last time I posted this, I sent it to Guinness looking for a free case. I’m still waiting. If you make a lure from a widget and hook up (which you will), do let me know. And, hey, if you need a lot of widgets, this is a great excuse to have a party.