Whitetail Hunting photo

I’ve made several posts regarding the huge non-typical whitetail living within the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, city limits shown below. Well the buck continues to not only live, but thrive.For an update on how he looks wearing his ’09 antlers, check out this video.


I truly get a kick out of stuff like this. Here is a wild, free-ranging deer that not only has the right stuff to grow huge…he also has the good fortune of living in an area where, for much of the year, he enjoys some protection. And as local officials and state game agency folk have pointed out before, the more coverage this buck gets, the safer he stays. I have no doubt there are poachers or thrill-killers watching this buck; there are also lots and lots of good folk doing the same. And the more good folk, the merrier, in my book.

Obviously I would have zero problem with a hunter taking this buck in a legal situation. But if that doesn’t occur, I will get an even bigger charge out of just watching this old boy grow older.