Whitetail Hunting photo

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I once edited an F&S boot-buyer’s-guide extravaganza, after which the folks at Danner requested that I keep and use the photo-prop Canadian Hunting Boots that I just happened to get in my size. Well, what could I say?

I have since beaten the hell out of them. They have been all over the country for deer and a variety of other critters–up ragged crags, down snowy slopes, through cedar swamps, cattail sloughs, and mountain creeks. Meanwhile, I have not given them anything like the care they deserve. They are now 15 years old. Yes, 15–and they are still my primary hunting boots, still waterproof, still sporting plenty of tread.

Now here’s the thing: Back when I was a young editor with very little expendable cash, I remember thinking of my new freebie Danners: These are great, but if I were spending my own money, there’s no way–no way!–I would drop over $300 on a pair of boots.

Now, as an older editor with very little expendable cash, I’m telling you that Danner Canadians are unequivocally worth every penny. (For the record, I haven’t spoken to anyone at Danner in ages; I surely haven’t spent the last 15 years worried that someone at the company thinks I owe them some ink.) Danner Canadians are worth $370 because they are one incredibly tough pair of American-made boots, period.