Specs: 33-inch axle-to-axle; 6-inch brace height; 4.0 pounds; 340 IBO

Last year’s aluminum Spyder Turbo took third place overall in our Best of the Best testing, and it was the top-ranking speed bow. (You may think that a 340-IBO bow doesn’t quite deserve the “speed bow” tag, but that rating was conservative; it lit up the chronograph.) This year’s version, the Faktor Turbo, has the same (probably conservative) IBO rating and yet a new cam designed for a smoother draw. Is it smoother? As I say in the vid, that’s pretty much impossible to evaluate at the show. Basically, it feels a lot like last year’s Spyder Turbo, which we really liked, except it’s 1 inch shorter and .4 pounds lighter.

Hits: Fast and smooth. What more do you want?
Misses:** That back wall is still a bit spongy. But only a bit.

What Else You Should Know: The carbon-riser version of this bow is the Carbon Spyder Turbo, which is very much like the Faktor Turbo, but .2 pounds lighter. I screwed up the end of this video, referring to the Carbon Spyder Turbo while showing you the Faktor. What I was trying to say is: Personally, for that much extra cash, I’d get the Faktor.

MSRP: $949;