This, as I say in the video, is the fastest hunting bow ever made. So while the DNA SP (see below) is PSE’s new flagship intended for the majority of shooters, the Full Throttle generated a lot more buzz at the show. Like all the X-Force bows since the original model began the latest round of speeds wars, this is an impressive machine–precisely engineered, solidly built, and I suspect, very accurate. It all boils down to this: Can you handle it?

Hits: Outrageous speed. It seemed pretty quiet and vibration free for so fast a bow.

Misses: Zero valley–although I don’t know that you can really call this a miss. It’s simply the way these bows are designed. You are either used to it and don’t mind, or you hate it.

What Else You Should Know: The Full Throttle is for the speed freaks. They’ll love it. But most shooters should look at the new DNA SP. When we tested last year’s DNA, it lost points because it, too, had no valley. The SP, which stands for Smooth Pull, addresses that. At 345, you only loose 7 fps from last year’s DNA, but this one is definitely easier to shoot. And at $899, it’s priced on the low end of the new flagships.

MSRP: $1,099;