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As I say in the video, Obsession Archery blew the doors off the 2014 ATA show with the Evolution. Folks just couldn’t wrap their heads around a true speed bow that offered so much valley and so little vibration and noise. For 2015, the company decided not to mess (too much) with a good thing. The Fusion 6 pretty much is the Evolution. The only significant difference is that this year’s flagship has a draw-length-specific cam, which is slightly more efficient and therefore delivers a few more feet per second. The specs are: 32-1/4-inch ATA, 6-inch brace height, 4.1 pounds, and 356 IBO (compared to 350 for this year’s Evolution).

Hits: Despite the extra speed, the Fusion has a lot of the same qualities as last year’s flagship. Fairly smooth draw, good back wall, and little vibration or noise. What really stands out though is the almost unthinkably generous valley for so fast a bow.

Misses: A draw-length-specific cam means that if you want to change the draw length (because you want to sell it, or buy one from a friend, or you just realize that you’ve been shooting too long or too short a draw), you need a whole new cam, which runs maybe $80 or so. In other words, make sure you get your draw length right before you buy.

What Else You Should Know: There is also a Fusion 7, which you can probably guess has a 7-inch brace height. All the other specs are the same except the IBO, with is still-pretty-smoking 346.