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Last week on the Honest Angler blog, Joe Cermele crept into Wild Chef territory with a post asking readers what their favorite fish seasoning was. While this was just an excuse to show off his sweet Old Bay Seasoning tattoo, I still took it as an affront. So, before he get another tattoo of McCormick’s Meat Tenderizer, I want to get the jump on him by asking, what’s your favorite steak seasoning?


For me, it’s hard to beat Jim Baldridge’s Secret Seasoning, which happens to be made just down the road from me in North Platte, Nebraska. Of all the seasoning’s I’ve tried, nothing comes close to complementing the flavor of wild game like Baldridge’s. I shake it on my backstraps, let them sit for an hour or so and then throw them on the Weber over indirect heat with a few hickory chips added for good measure. It’s my go-to meal when I’m cooking for guests and it never fails to draw rave reviews.

I give all the credit to the late Jim Baldridge and his special blend of herbs and spices. I keep a few bottles around to give away and have even been known to travel with a can of it in my pack. I do think I’ll stop short of getting a tattoo of Jim Baldridge however.

I know there are a lot of local seasonings out there people swear by and some national brands that are popular with wild-game cooks, including Montreal Steak Seasoning and Johnny’s. Do you have a particular favorite, or do you blend your own like my old co-worker Chuck Smock who makes a mean no-sodium take on Emeril’s Essence that I like to call Chuck’s Magic Dust.