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In a post back at the beginning of the month, I asked readers for some suggestions on new ways to prepare doves, other than the ol’ jalapeno and bacon trick. While some of you obviously didn’t read the instructions, a few of you did offer some great ideas. Originally, I was sold on DANO’s suggestion of using dove breasts in a traditional posole – a Mexican (or Columbian) stew made with pork or chicken, chiles and hominy, among other ingredients. Sold, that is, until 2bigabear came completely out of nowhere with a recipe so crazy, yet so simple, I knew I was going to have to try it.


Because I can never leave anything “well enough” alone, I made a few tweaks to his original recipe, but stuck with the same primary ingredients. First, since I don’t own a Crock-Pot, I made mine in the original slow cooker – a cast-iron Dutch oven. The Dutch oven has a pretty wide base and I was able to accommodate twice the number of doves 2bigabear suggested, so I doubled the ingredients as well. I also totally forgot to add the ketchup. Finally, just before serving, I thickened the pan sauce with a slurry of corn starch and water.

What turned out was surprisingly tasty–a sweet, yet sour meat gravy that tasted nothing like lemonade. When poured over white rice, it made a good, rib-sticking meal for a cool autumn night.

Note: I used skinned dove breasts on the bone, which required picking lots of tiny wishbones and rib bones out of the final product. You could make it with meat filleted off the breastbone, or just know you’re going to have a little work in front of you just before dinner.

2bigabear’s Lemonade Dove

-20 dove breasts
-1 12-oz. can lemonade concentrate
-6 tbs. brown sugar
-2 tbs. apple cider vinegar
-Salt and pepper
-1 tbs. corn starch
-1 tbs. water

– Preheat oven to 225°

– Place dove breasts in bottom of Dutch oven and season liberally with salt
and pepper.

– In a bowl, whisk together lemonade, brown sugar and vinegar until sugar is dissolved.

– Pour lemonade mix over dove breasts. Cover tightly.

Place in oven. Cook 3-4 hours.

Transfer doves to plate. Debone if necessary.

Mix 1 tbs. cornstarch and 1 tbs. water. Add to pan sauce to thicken.

Return meat to Dutch oven.

Serve over white rice.