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One of my favorite go-to snack foods, along with goose jerky, is GORP–or “trail mix” as the kids call it these days. For you younger readers who didn’t grow up with a subscription to Boy’s Life, GORP stands for Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts, which does leave out the third critical ingredient of a well-balanced blend–M&Ms.

It’s hard to beat a handful of the stuff when the hunger pangs hit. Just a few bites gives you a burst of sweet and salty energy to push up and over the next peak or keep you alert on stand. I once packed a (I swear) five-pound, gallon-size bag of GORP into elk camp and it was worth every ounce–especially to my hunting partner who probably ate at least half of it during the hunt.

There are lots of variations on trail mix, although I still prefer the standard raisin, peanut, and chocolate recipe. I’ve tried mixing in coconut flakes (too sticky) and shredded beef jerky (too wrong). But there are a number of other additions I’m thinking about trying, including red pepper flakes, Corn Nuts, and, according to Steve Carell’s Recipe for Success, cashews.

But before I make up a hunting season-size batch of the stuff, I’d like to get some reader suggestions. Certainly someone out there has his or her own unique take on trail mix. So let’s hear it. What’s your best GORP recipe?