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I’m just coming off a whirlwind road trip to the NRA’s annual meetings in St. Louis and am facing two more long hauls in the coming weeks for turkey hunts in Kansas and Wyoming. True to form, I’m not thinking about the much-needed oil change for my truck or that I should probably consider picking up some new tires, but instead, am wondering what to eat when I’m on the road.

Generally, I try to eat a pretty healthy diet. I could probably eat less red meat (though it makes me happy) and more fruits and veggies, but I’m pretty good at avoiding processed foods and white flour (with the exception of flour tortillas, which are a vice for me). I’m not even a sweets guy–desserts and sugary snacks are a rare occurrence.

If any of you travel regularly, either to hunt, fish or work, you know how any kind of diet plan or healthy eating goes out the window the minute you hit the on-ramp. America’s interstates and highways are lined with the worst food options our country has to offer: quick, high-caloric, sodium-filled fixes foisted on us by clowns, crowns, and — not so long ago — a Spanish-speaking Chihuahua. Airports aren’t much better, though I will give a few of them credit for trying to upscale their offerings, which, of course, carries upscale prices.

On the trip to and from St. Louis, the only good meal we had (and it certainly wasn’t healthy, but at least it was tasty) was an adobado burrito from D’Leon’s, our favorite little taco stand in Lincoln, Neb. The healthiest-sounding — but probably just as bad for you — was a spinach egg souffle from Panera, and we had to run a gauntlet of golden arches just to find that. The rest of the on-the-road meals were the typical greasy burgers, fried chicken strips, and fake-meat tacos that tasted terrible and left us feeling sick.

I’m not sure my arteries, let alone my stomach, can take much more of this, and I’ve got many miles to go. So I’m looking for some suggestions from fellow road warriors. What do you eat while you’re traveling? Is it fast food or do you pack your own meals, which is what I’m thinking of doing for next week’s trip. Let’s hear your best (or worst) road food story.