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While I like a good buffalo steak, I think I’ll stay away from the fish of the same name. The Picayune Item reports that three members of a family contracted Haff disease after eating buffalo fish from Mississippi’s Yazoo River:
“The three cases are members of one family who purchased the fish. Sharlot said the location where the fish was sold was not pertinent to the story.

Cooking of the fish does not reduce the risk of the disease, which can cause rhabdomyolysis…a muscle injury syndrome that causes pain, stiffness and, rarely, kidney damage, the state Department of Health said._
The Department of Health said symptoms usually occur within 12 hours of consuming the fish. Symptoms include muscle weakness, pain, dry mouth, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, confusion, and dark urine. Severe symptoms typically resolve quickly though some patients complain of fatigue for months following the onset of the acute symptoms.

These were the first cases of Haff disease in Mississippi and not much is known about the toxin or its connection with the fish, Sharlot said.”_