Survival Food photo

I’ve written about KIND trail bars before, and since then they have replaced Clif and Larabars as my snack of choice when hunting, fishing, or traveling. Because they use whole seeds and nuts, rather than pressed and processed ingredients, they look as great as they taste.

Recently the company sent me some samples of their new protein bars, called Strong and Kind, each with 10 grams of natural protein. Like their original snacks, these bars look like real food, but what’s most unique about them are their flavors. Typically, trail bars taste like fruits or nuts, or maybe something sweet like chocolate or peanut butter. These new Strong and Kind protein bars lean toward the savory side, or even spicy, with five new flavors: Honey Smoked BBQ, Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chili, Roasted Jalapeno, and Hickory Smoked.

I’ve sampled the first three on that list and have to say, they offer a whole new idea as to what I’m used to when it comes to a granola or protein bar. The flavors aren’t overwhelming. In fact, I’d call them almost subtle, which might not be a bad thing when you crack into one after chasing a herd of elk all morning. Here at my desk I’d prefer a bigger hit, but they still have enough spice to linger on the back of the tongue. Of those three, the honey mustard is definitely my favorite.

I’m not a sweets person–I regularly pass on dessert or sugary snacks–so I’m keen on the option of something different to go into my hunting pack. Like the original KIND bars, they are a bit sticky, owing to the non-GMO glucose binding the ingredients together, but that residue just gives you a reason to lick the last of the sweet and spicy flavors off your fingers.