As their mating season begins, alligators are out in full force in the sunshine state, disrupting traffic and daily routines, sometimes evenly severely injuring residents. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC), “alligators are more active and visible” as the weather warms and the mating season kicks off. So, all the chaos this season is relatively routine. Relatively.

The likelihood of getting seriously injured by an alligator is slim, but attacks are not unheard of and the reptiles are so prolific in the state that the FWC runs the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program. Teams of trained and approved trappers respond regularly to calls from residents complaining of dangerous or pesky gators. And courtship and mating seasons, which begin in early April and extend through June, increase the number of alligators on the move. 

This year, higher temperatures brought gators out earlier than expected—and the giant lizards have been running amok. Thankfully, Floridians have been capturing the ensuing chaos on video. See it for yourself below.

Watch a Gator Bend a Metal Fence

Listen to an Alligator’s Strange Mating Call

Watch Officials Wrangle a 10-Foot Skinny-Dipping Alligator

Watch a Truly Giant Gator Stroll Through Naples, Florida

Knock, Knock, It’s an Alligator at the Front Door