Some stories are just too wild to be true. And this one fits that bill. On April 23, a Facebook account known as “Arkansas Game Fish” made a post that sparked immediate intrigue across the hunting world. It read: “Bridgette Watkins, 43, of Summit, AR who allegedly took fawns into her home and raised the deer with the intentions of training them to attack hunters was taken into custody Friday,” wrote the account. “At the time of the arrest, Watkins was in possession of several grams of meth, four deer, and many stolen broken electronics. Attention was drawn to Watkins when she began giving meth to the young deer and they were caught rummaging through people’s garages and back porches.”

At the time of the post, the Facebook account “Arkansas Game Fish” was using what appeared to be the official insignia of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “Arkansas Game Fish” later removed the insignia from its account.

Though the post is pretty far-fetched, it bears (pun intended) some resemblance to the true story of the cocaine bear, which was brought into the limelight due to a recently released feature film. This seems to have led at least some folks to believe that the recent “Arkansas Game Fish” post was real, though the account includes a small disclaimer on its profile page noting that it’s a “satire page just for laughs,” meaning it’s purely for fun and not true. The image of the deer on the couch appears to be from a 2019 CBC post. This a good reminder that in an age of increasingly shocking news headlines, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.

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Regardless, plenty of folks in the comments of the post had a good laugh. “From the masterminds who brought us Cocaine Bear…Get ready for Meth Deer,” wrote one commenter.

“Move over Florida,” added another. “Here comes Arkansas!”