You wouldn’t want to get between these two heavyweights. That, at least, is the main takeaway from a recent video posted on Instagram by Nature is Metal. The video shows two large bears battling fiercely in a snowy forest. The bears growl and grunt at each other while using their jaws and paws as weapons to batter each other. See it for yourself below.

The bears in the video appear to be brown bears, despite the dark color of their fur. Brown bears are also known as grizzly bears. They’re the largest species of bear in North America and can reach weights of over 700 pounds, according to National Geographic. Compared to black bears, brown bears can be identified by a prominent shoulder hump, long claws, and short, rounded ears.

“Brown bears have a complex social hierarchy, with dominant bears holding access to the best resources, such as food and mates,” writes Nature is Metal in the video description. “When two bears fight, they will use a variety of tactics to establish dominance, such as standing on their hind legs and roaring, swiping with their paws, or biting.”

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In this case, the bears move out of sight before the battle ends, leaving the viewer to wonder who won the fight. Nature is Metal did not disclose where the incident occurred nor the name of the videographer. Either way, the video is a sight to behold—and a testament to the sheer power of brown bears, which are known to have one of the strongest bites on the planet.