It’s summer, and fishing is heating up across the country. It’s time to enjoy your success on the water — as well as the inevitable fails that occur when you’re fishing. In that spirit, here’s a classic fishing video I recently came across that’s too good not to share.

The video was recorded and shared on YouTube by ASOB Productions in 2013. The production company was filming an episode for its series “Adventures South of the Border TV show” in the legendary waters off of Cabo San Lucas. Mike “The Griz” Ritz and Chef Yvan Mucharrz had a successful day and were celebrating two big mahi mahi — when misfortune struck. While taking a picture with their catches, a sea lion lurched out of the water and pulled one right out of the hands of Mucharrz.

According to ASOB Productions, the sea lion is a notorious thief and is known by locals as Pancho. “I live in Cabo, and I’ve seen Pancho doing this plenty of times,” wrote one commenter. “This is not staged at all. He swims every day behind fishing boats for left bait and people feed him…I love that someone finally caught this on tape.”

While this instance is definitely funny, it’s far from the first time a critter has stolen a fisherman’s catch. Below are several memorable videos of similar instances from over the years. Enjoy.

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