Drones are everywhere these days. They’re great for sports, warfare, and a good tool in search-and-rescue operations. But one place they don’t belong — according to me, anyway — is when I’m trying to get away from it all. Somewhere in this great country, there’s a turkey who feels just the way I do.

In a drone video recently shared by Ashley Senarighi of Buhl, Minnesota, we just see a turkey in the very green spring woods, bopping along through the brush as turkeys do. But Senarighi, the drone operator, is not content. She wants to get closer. So we see the drone moving in like a motion picture camera to get up close and personal with the turkey. Then, suddenly the turkey is in the air—coming straight for the camera. The drone goes haywire as the bird attacks. We see the sky, then some blurry vegetation, and then a glimpse of some barred feathers as the turkey briefly sizes up its handiwork. See it for yourself below.

“[I was] practicing my flying skills with our new drone and came across a turkey in the field,” wrote Senarighi in the video’s caption. “I’m not sure what I was expecting to happen, but this wasn’t it.”

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Well, I, for one, salute you, turkey. You are the first in what will likely become a sub-genre of drone footage — wild turkeys ridding us of the annoying flying vehicles, one drone at a time.