Two poachers have been busted in Oklahoma—and they’re both accused of buying their hunting licenses after, instead of before, killing bucks. 

On October 11, several game wardens checked a hunter from Alabama. After some investigation, they figured out that his license was procured several hours after killing a whitetail buck. They confiscated his hunting equipment and cited him for hunting without a valid archery deer license and for illegal possession of the whitetail deer.

“There really is no excuse for the attempt at cheating the system,” Oklahoma Game Wardens wrote in a Facebook post. “Non-resident archery hunters are afforded one of the best deals in the nation right here in Oklahoma. $300 nets a non-resident [six deer] during the almost 4-month-long bow season.”

During the same week, Oklahoma game wardens tracked down an Oklahoma County man suspected to have also poached a large buck—in this case, a big nontypical. Like the man from Alabama, he is suspected of killing a buck and then buying a hunting license afterward, before trying to e-check the animal through the state’s online portal. He was cited for hunting without a deer archery license and taking wildlife illegally.

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“Don’t let buck fever stop you from preparing for your hunt by obtaining the proper licensing before the hunt,” wrote Oklahoma Game Wardens in another Facebook post. “We want to see our sportsmen and women enjoy their harvests this season.”