As my estimable colleague Dave Hurteau wrote a couple of weeks ago: “You deserve to watch animals gobbling up one another, and this is as good a gobbling as any.” Well, I couldn’t put it any better, and it’s exactly how I feel about this video. It’s better than anything I’ve ever seen on National Geographic in a long time.

The video was recorded by Matt Lotochinski in 2020 and posted on YouTube by Hinterland Outdoors. “Just feet from the truck, a Canada Lynx attacks a full-grown mule deer at the Site C Dam near Fort St. John, British Columbia,” explains Hinterland Outdoors in the video description. “According to multiple eyewitnesses, it took several hours for the lynx to finish killing the deer.”

The video itself lasts less than a minute. It shows the lynx latching onto the head and neck of the deer, slowly and brutally attacking it. The lynx’s tenacity is admirable, even if its predation strategy seems to take an awfully long time. Nature rarely offers a quick death. See the scene for yourself below (note: there is some strong language in the clip below).

According to the National Wildlife Federation, the Canada lynx is considered the “grey ghost of the North.” They typically grow to 20 inches in height and weigh around 20 pounds—but can take down prey much larger than themselves. Lynx once roamed much of the northern continental U.S. but today, they are mainly found in parts of Canada and Alaska.

Lynx are considered to be elusive, and it’s rare to spot one. But several other viral lynx videos have been taken over the years. Enjoy.

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