Take the imagination of some weird children’s book writer—Doctor Seuss, for example—and ask him to dream up a bizarre deep-sea fish. What you’d get is almost as strange-looking as what Roman Fedortsav regularly finds, photographs, and posts on his Instagram account, which has 649,000 followers. 

Fedortsov works as a fisherman on a trawler sailing out of Murmansk, but his real love is sharing pictures of the weird critters occasionally pulled up from the ocean floor by the trawler. And his latest is a doozy—a big-eyed fish with oddly protuberant, translucent fins, a thresher-like tail, and a body that looks like it was hastily sewn together out of parts from other fish. Also, it looks strangely…naked. I mean, all fish are naked. But this one looks seriously naked. I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that if the fish could talk, it might say, “Yeah, well you look pretty otherworldly to me, too, pal. How about a cigarette? And a robe if you got one.” 

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One viewer thought it looked like a cartoon fish. Another said it was like a Pokemon. A third guy said he recognized it as a “ghost chimera,” which is in the order of deep-dwelling fish (down to 8,500 feet) fish known as ghost sharks, ratfish, spookfish, and rabbitfish. I don’t know about all that, but it makes you want to stay in the shallow end of the pool.