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Hardy Fortuna reel
This is a Hardy Fortuna reel for big-game saltwater fishing. Hardy’s records indicate that only five of these 9-inch, extra-wide, Monel-metal Fortunas were produced. The reel weighs almost 16 pounds. Dave Watson
three bottles of fishing oil with cork bottle stoppers
Fly floatant has certainly come a long way. From right to left: VL&A rod varnish; Shakespeare dry-fly oil; and Kelso “DRIFLI” oil. Dean Smith
a group of antique bamboo fly rods
These antique bamboo fly rods are on display at the Outdoor Heritage Museum. Steve Woit
a salmon fly in a hand vice
A beautiful salmon fly sits in the jaws of a Victorian-era hand vise. Dean Smith
Red Sandy salmon fly
This Red Sandy salmon fly was tied by Megan Boyd, a noted British fly-tyer known for her Atlantic salmon flies. Steve Woit
Hard Anglers’ Knife
Is this Hard Anglers’ Knife the first-ever flyfishing multitool? Dean Smith
woman angler painting on the cover of hearsts magazine
Paintings of women anglers didn’t just grace the cover of F&S back in the day. Here, on the May 1913 cover of Hearst’s Magazine, an angler looks to be fighting a fish. Steve Woit
an arrangement of fly fishing lures
Not all antique fly patterns are composed only of thread and rare-bird feathers. Just look at this collection of Hardy Aero salmon flies—each one equipped with what was surely a fish-attracting propeller blade. Steve Woit
manchester vermont early trade card
Here’s an early trade card from a name that’s familiar to any fly angler—Charles F. Orvis, “maker of fine fishing rods, reels & flies.” Back then, trade cards were used to promote tackle. Steve Woit
a collection of fly lures
Before casting patterns like the Sex Dungeon or Drunk and Disorderly, anglers preferred flies such as these with more refined names like: Durham Ranger, Colonel Variation, Alexandria, Balmoral, and Black Doctor. Paul Schmookler and Ingrid Sils
Fly Fishing Treasures: The World of Fly Fishers and Collecting
If you want to see more of the antique tackle in Fly Fishing Treasures: The World of Fly Fishers and Collecting, you can purchase a copy at Steve Woit