venison popper recipe

Deer Steak and Potato Popper

The All-American popper.
Bear and Blueberry Chili
Bear meat and berries mix perfectly in this comforting fall dish.
Tiger meat recipe

Tiger Meat

As you probably have guessed, Tiger Meat is not made with actual tigers. Instead, it’s generally made with raw beef—though we suggest using good-quality, fresh venison sirloin. Ensure your meat and eggs are very fresh and keep everything, including the bowls and mixers, cold during the mixing process. Get the recipe for Tiger Meat.
Venison Nachos

Venison Nachos

Nachos loaded with bubbling cheddar and shredded venison that’s been slow-cooked with chipotles and spices and then quickly seared—in the style of Mexico’s legendary pork carnitas—for some crispy, hyper-flavored edges. You may forget about the party altogether. Get the recipe for Venison Nachos.
BBQ Goose Dip

Slow-Cooker Barbecue Goose Breast Dip

Here’s a recipe for waterfowl hunters who aren’t sure how to cook all of the Canada and snow goose breast meat in their freezer. A few hours braising in a slow-cooker transforms that tough meat into the ultimate party-food chip dip. Get the recipe for BBQ Goose Dip.
Six venison burgers are cooking on a griddle.

Venison Smash Burgers

If you have a large cast-iron skillet—or, better yet, a cast-iron griddle—get it scorching hot on the stove and channel your inner shorter-order cook.
wild game pizza
And the after…