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Hunting subscription boxes are a great way to find the gear you otherwise might not know you needed. Like fishing subscription boxes, hunting boxes come loaded with new pieces of hunting gear each month. In addition, the right subscription box can save you money in the long run with retail values far exceeding the monthly cost.

There are two main categories within hunting subscription boxes: generalist boxes and specialist boxes. Generalist boxes are more common and offer a wide variety of gear that can be used in most hunting scenarios. The specialist boxes are dedicated to a sole purpose, such as bowhunting or waterfowl hunting. No matter what box you go with, all subscription services save you money in the long run. The value of gear typically far exceeds the price you pay per month. For those looking to try new gear and expand their hunting systems, a good hunting subscription box is a worthy investment.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Subscription Box

Diving head first into any subscription service can be intimidating because of the financial commitment. Hunting subscription boxes are no different, especially when you’re relying on the gear to help make a clean and ethical harvest of an animal. When it comes time to make a decision on which box is right for you, think about the quality of the gear, monthly cost and box value, and how often you want to receive a box.

Gear Quality

Gear quality is the most important aspect of a subscription service. I have owned many pieces of gear that were carefully thought out and built to last, which are now staples in my pack. Look for companies that carefully curate quality gear, so it will be ready to use when you need it. The woods can be a tough place, so taking the time to find the right box is a worthy investment. 

Cost vs. Value

A crucial consideration in subscription boxes is the box cost vs. the gear value. The key here is to look for boxes that have the highest retail value compared to the monthly cost. In addition, I like to take into account what type of gear I’m looking to get out of a subscription box. If I’m looking for big-ticket gear items, boxes with a higher monthly cost will give me gear with a higher retail value. This is great for hunters looking to complete their hunting system with items like binoculars, tripods, tree stands, and other pricey gear.

Box Frequency

Most hunting subscription boxes are shipped monthly to ensure you receive new gear as the hunting seasons change. For hunters looking for alternatives, one-time boxes or quarterly boxes are available. The one-time boxes are straightforward—pay once for one box and you get it when you order it, no long-term subscription required. Quarterly boxes are the other option, with a new box shipping each season for a total of four boxes a year. Quarterly boxes generally come loaded with various gear to make up for the fact that they aren’t shipping every month. 

Whitetail Hunting photo
The author after a successful turkey. Max Inchausti

Best Overall: HuntVault

Best Overall Hunting Subscription Box

Why it Made the Cut

A staple in the hunting subscription box industry, HuntVault provides gear from top brands in professionally curated boxes for all hunters.

Key Features

  • Cost: $150-$160
  • Retail Value: $200+
  • Frequency: Monthly


  • Gear from top brands
  • Each box includes at least one big-ticket item
  • Great monthly cost-to-retail gear value 


  • No quarterly box options

For premium hunting gear there is no better option than HuntVault. A family and veteran-owned company, they have been a leader in the subscription box industry for seven years with the sole purpose of providing customers with unique and purposeful gear. 

The issue with many subscription box services is that they keep the price per box down to appear affordable, but you don’t get quality gear, or a lot of it. HuntVault charges more per box than many other subscription services, but they include bigger and more useful pieces of gear. In each box, customers can expect one big piece of gear and several smaller accessory pieces of gear that pair well with the big-ticket item. This makes for a complete system come time to hunt. A recent box included a pair of Vortex Crossfire binoculars, a shooting rest bag, targets, tree stand hooks, and more. All of it was good quality and helpful gear. Each month HuntVault curates a new box with exclusive pieces of gear and products from industry leaders. The team at HuntVault also gives back to the community and donates gear to military-related causes.

Best for Hunting and Fishing: Buddy Outdoors Sportsman’s Box

Best Hunting and Fishing Subscription Box

Why it Made the Cut

A unique subscription service that allows the customer to choose the type of hunting and fishing gear they want.

Key Features

  • Cost: $109.99-$299.99
  • Retail Value: $200-$550
  • Frequency: Quarterly


  • Customizable boxes based on customer questionnaires
  • Great retail value
  • Big-name gear brands


  • Only ships quarterly 

The Sportsman’s Box is a unique box hunting subscription service, offering truly customizable boxes. Each subscription begins with a questionnaire about what you hunt and fish for and what gear would serve you best. The next step is to choose between the Weekender, Pro, and Executive packages. From there, the team at Sportsman’s Box will hand-pick a box to match your preferences. Pro and Executive members get the option of choosing gear—one gear item for Pro members, two for Executive members—you want in the box. This is a great way to ensure the box matches up with what hunting or fishing you plan to do. For an upcoming whitetail hunt, for example, you can choose a new tree stand or climbing sticks. Once it begins to warm back up you can then choose gear for spring turkey or opening day of trout season. While the boxes ship quarterly, you receive an ample amount of gear to get to the next season. For those looking to have some say in the gear they receive, Sportsman’s box is a great option.

Best for Duck Hunting: Hunter’s Haul Waterfowl Box

Best Subscription Box for Duck Hunting

Why it Made the Cut

Hunter’s Haul tailors boxes to the type of hunting you do so no gear goes to waste, and you can choose the amount of gear in your box.

Key Features

  • Cost: $45.99-$199.99
  • Retail Value: $60-$260+
  • Frequency: Monthly


  • Boxes specific to species
  • Three levels of subscription service
  • Past items sold on their website


  • No options available for one-time purchases

For die-hard hunters of one type of game, a subscription box may not be too appealing. Most diehard waterfowlers I know fall into this category—they can’t wait for the season to open and couldn’t care less about sitting in a tree stand hoping to see a deer. Hunter’s Haul is a great option to get gear relevant to your preferred hunting style, offering boxes for waterfowl, whitetails, and western big game. Waterfowl boxes have very useful gear, such as calls, blind bags, camo, and more. Each box comes in three options: Pro, Advanced, or Mega. The Mega box will include higher-end gear such as decoys, mojos, and gun accessories. If you’re an all-or-nothing waterfowler and your current subscription box provides gear that you won’t be able to use for ducks or geese, Hunter’s Haul will get you the gear you need.

Best for Bowhunters: Mountain Hunter Box

Best Subscription Box for Bowhunters

Why it Made the Cut

A great box for bowhunters and those who go on backcountry hunts.

Key Features

  • Cost: $54.99
  • Retail Value: $80
  • Frequency: Monthly


  • Gear useful to archery hunters looking to pack light
  • Affordable monthly cost
  • Prepaid options and long-term subscriptions for discounts


  • Not all gear is specifically related to bowhunting

Bowhunters can be set in their ways when it comes to bow-related gear. They tend to stick to their personal preferences and not stray too far from their lane. For those looking for supplemental gear, the Mountain Hunter Box is perfect . Whether you take trips into the backcountry or prefer day hunts out of a stand, this box comes loaded with gear to make the trip easier. This box focuses on smaller items such as range finder holders, broadheads, camp tools, game bags, and more. It is a safe bet to keep you geared up for long hunts with whatever you might need. For bowhunters who venture deep into the backcountry, the Mountain Hunter Box is a great choice. 

Best Budget: Timber Edge Outdoors

Best Budget Hunting Subscription Box

Why it Made the Cut

For budget-minded hunters who want to check out new gear, Timber’s Edge Outdoors offers an affordable monthly box that offers value.

Key Features

  • Cost: $39.99 
  • Retail Value: $50-$60
  • Frequency: Monthly


  • Budget-friendly
  • Monthly themes for different seasons
  • Great for smaller accessories


  • Lacks bigger gear pieces

Any hunter can benefit from trying new gear to see what works best for them in the field. If you’re on a budget, it can be tough to afford premium subscription boxes, but Timber’s Edge Outdoors offers a budget-friendly month-to-month box that changes with the season. Depending on the time of year the box ships, it could contain gear for spring turkey hunting, camping, bowhunting, predator hunting, or a general hunting equipment. The box won’t contain big-ticket items, but the gear in each box is useful. Some items in past boxes include camp tools, game processing knives, and various apparel items. The accessories work great to supplement your hunting gear and provide upgrades where you least expect it. 


My time spent over the last ten years sitting in tree stands, trudging through creek bottoms, and hiking from ridge to ridge has taught me a thing or two about gear. I also know that when you’ve been hunting one particular way for a while, it can be difficult to determine the gear the helps you and the gear that makes you less effective. A subscription box is a great ways around this, bringing you new gear each month so you can fine-tune your go-to gear—if it’s a good subscription service. Here’s the criteria I used to evaluate subscription box services:

  • Box type: Is the box designed for general hunting or a specific species?
  • Cost: How much is the service, and are there different price levels?
  • Retail Value: How much do you save on retail gear through the subscription?
  • Time Frame: Is the box monthly or quarterly?
  • Contents: Is the gear reputable and name brand?
  • Extra Swag: Do you get bonus gear like buffs or stickers?
  • Gear Guides: Does the box come with a how-to guide to explain how to use the gear?


Q: How much does a good subscription box service cost?

Subscription box prices can vary widely. Premium boxes typically run between $100-$150 each and include premium pieces of gear such as binoculars, tripods, and rangefinders. More affordable boxes will cost between $40-$60 a month. These boxes typically include smaller accessory pieces of gear. In each case, the boxes more than make up for the cost, because the total retail value of the gear exceeds the cost of the box.

Q: What is the best hunting subscription box?

The best subscription box depends on what you want to get out of the box. For an all-around box, HuntVault is an excellent choice, offering premium gear. If you’re looking for species-specific boxes, the Buddy Outdoors Sportsman’s Box or Hunter’s Haul Waterfowl Box may be good options. 

Q: Are hunting subscription boxes worth it?

It’s understandable to wonder if the cost of a subscription box is worth it. They can cost a lot of money for a care package of surprise gear. However, not knowing what you are getting is the best part of the boxes. Most hunters are wary to try new gear even if the gear will dramatically improve their success. I have added several new pieces of gear to my hunting checklist that I never thought I’d need thanks to various subscription boxes.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you prefer to hunt, a subscription box can be beneficial, but finding the right one can is the hard part. If you are solely committed to a certain type of hunting, look for boxes that are species-specific. For others looking to try new gear and improve their success all around boxes are great ways to experiment with new gear. Regardless of which box you choose, make sure it reflects what you do. You’ll be happy with your choice.