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You can’t swing a digital stick this week without hitting a “What to do for Earth Day,” story. While getting outdoors isn’t foreign to anyone here, it’s never a bad thing to encourage people to go be better conservationists. If you’re planting a tree, thinning out invasive species, or extending the life of your gear, you’re already the star of Earth Month. 

But the easiest way to celebrate all that we’ve got around us? Just get outside. Though, your camping gear may need a bit of a restock before you spend a couple nights outside. If that’s the case, Cabela’s has a spring camping sale to set you straight.

Ascend Orion Two-Person Backpacking Tent

If you’re looking for a quick escape for yourself plus a partner, picking up a two-person backpacking tent like Ascend’s Orion 2-Person is your best bet. With a carry weight of 5 pounds 9 ounces, it’s not incredibly lightweight. But if you split tent, fly, poles, and stakes between two people, it’s plenty manageable. The X-shape goes up quick, and a full rainfly will keep you plenty dry. 

Cabela’s West Wind Six-Person Tent

If your party is a bit bigger than two, picking up a built-for-anything family sized tent at $240 is a steal. The West Wind gives you three-season protection and space for six — or three to four with plenty of gear. With a full coverage rain and semi-domed shape, this tent will stand up to whatever three-season weather you find yourself in. It also comes in an eight-person size.

Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model Geodesic Tents 

For those planning on four-season camping or more serious backcountry adventure, geodesic tents provide the best protection in extreme weather. The Alaskan Guide Model is built on 25-years of Alaskan field testing. And while it looks more Everest base camp than elk camp, I wouldn’t rule it out for whatever you’re looking to set up. With four-person, six-person, and eight-person sizes all on sale, you can grab a size that works for you.

Ascend Hoodoo Mummy Sleeping Bag 20°

Sleeping bag on its last legs? Repairs starting to become a little too common? It happens. If you need a new sleeping bag, picking up a quality model on a decent discount will help you sleep more soundly in the backcountry. Ascend’s bags are quality, filled with Thermolite Extra synthetic down, and 25% off right now. No better time to buy for this season, or prep for the colder months, as zero-degree models are also on sale. 

Ascend Charm Mummy Sleeping Bag 20°

Ascend’s ladies sleeping bags are also on sale. If you find unisex bags leave too much space in place some places, you’re sleep system might not be working as efficiently as it could. Narrower through the shoulders, wider through the hips, and with extra insulation in the footbox, if it follows your body more closely, it’ll retain heat better. (Though if you’re taller or shorter, there’s no ladies bags above or below 5’8” available in this sale.) The zero-degree model is on sale at the same discount.