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As an angler, one of the most important—but also the most frustrating—tasks is tying knots. While you could use a good pair of fishing pliers, if you want something even handier and easier, thousands of people recommend the Hook-Eeze Knot Tying Tool. And right now, it’s on sale at Amazon for just $14.

The Hook-Eeze tool fits any size hook and can tie a perfect knot—no matter the style—in seconds without any fumbling or frustration on your end. It even has a stainless steel trimmer on the back for cutting line and it’s designed to withstand both fresh- and saltwater use without rusting or corroding. Plus, you can use the Hook-Eeze to cover hooks if you want to safely transport your rigged-up rods without snagging them on something or worse, ending up with a hook stuck in your hand.

With more than 13,000 reviews on Amazon, this tiny tool is a hit with many anglers who say it’s incredible in almost any conditions, whether your fingers are freezing, you struggle with arthritis, or you have larger hands. “I’m able to tie knots faster and better than I used to,” one person raves, while another added, “I have not lost a hook or lure due to a crappy tying job since I started using the Hook-Eeze.”

Get this amazing deal—and this amazing fishing tool—while you still can as we doubt the price will stick around for long. You can also check out more of the best fishing deals on Amazon as found by our experts.