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When I moved to Colorado last summer, I knew I would need a new gun safe for the hunting guns that came with me and any future firearm purchases. After talking to a few people in the industry, I was eventually turned onto the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault, which holds six long guns and up to 14 handguns.

The Rapid Safe also includes Hornady’s RFID technology, which allows access through a watchband tag, key fobs, and coded decals. While many safes with high-end technology like this are bulky and heavy, this Hornady safe isn’t. And that’s exactly why I’ve come to like it so much—you get advanced security features without investing in something that takes a crane to lift. I’ve since recommended the Hornady Rapid Safe to friends, and it rivals some of the best gun safes we’ve ever tested.


  • Exterior Dimensions: 52.2″ x 20.0″ x 15.1″ (*add 1.7″ for handle)
  • Interior Dimensions: 51.8″ x 19.0″ x 12.7″
  • Weight: 165 pounds
  • Long Gun Capacity: 6
  • Handgun Capacity: 14
  • Access: RFID tags—watchband, key fob, coded decals, keypad, key

What I Like About the Hornady Rapid Safe

Ease of Setup

After getting the Rapid Safe into my apartment, I installed the gun racks, plugged in the power cord, set up my access tags, and created an entry code. The setup was simple and easy, and all of my firearms fit easily. 

The Hornady safe is powered either by an AC power supply or four AA batteries. I installed both the power cord and batteries. Simply plug in the AC power cord and wire it through the small hole in the back of the safe, where it then plugs into the back of the door. I installed both because I like the idea of having backup power in case one fails. 

The entire interior of the safe is made up of metal peg walls. I installed the included gun racks by placing the top hooks into the holes of the wall panel. The bottom hooks fell securely in place into the other peg holes, and I simply slid the rack down to lock it into place. Make sure to measure your shortest long gun barrel—or visually place it in the safe to see how high it reaches—to install the rack in the proper location so all the firearms fit.

There are multiple ways to access the Rapid Safe, including a watchband, key tags, coded decals, keypad code, and a traditional key. All of these (excluding the physical key) need to be programmed into the safe. The access tags are extremely easy to set up even if you’re someone who struggles with technology—it took me less than five minutes. The instructions walk you through programming the tags and coded decals step by step.

Roomy Interior

The safe has an interior length of 51.8 inches, which is just big enough to fit my 50-inch Benelli Super Black Eagle 3. It’s also worth noting my SBE3 has a 28-inch barrel and an extended choke on it. This is my longest gun by far, and I am confident the Rapid Safe is big enough to accommodate most hunting firearms.

Shooting Gear photo
The author’s Hornady Rapid Safe fits all of his firearms with room left over. Ryan Chelius

Secure Accessibility

The safe can store up to five tags, including a key code. I installed my two key tags and a personal key code while I attached the physical key to my keychain. I like the idea of having five different access codes (whether tags, coded decals, or keypad codes) so I can allow other trusted family or friends to access the safe without me. 

The benefit of this technology is to access the safe quickly and safely—and that’s exactly what the access tags allow you to do. Simply hold up the tag or coded decal to the keypad, and the safe opens. It doesn’t get easier than that.

What I Don’t Like About the Hornady Safe

The biggest downside of this safe is the price, coming in at just over $1,000. The reason for the hefty price tag is due to the quality construction and advanced technology included with the safe—which allows for easy access to verified users and a secure barrier to all others. I also wish the safe could fit a couple more long guns, but six is enough for me right now, so I’m not annoyed just yet.

Final Thoughts on the Hornady Rapid Safe

What drew me into the Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault is the easy access features without the monster size and weight often accompanied by advanced technology. You can also add numerous accessories to customize and maximize storage in the safe. Some of my favorite accessories include LED lights, magnetic hooks, and dehumidifiers. Not to mention you can download the Hornady app to keep tabs on your safe and be alerted when it’s opened.