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Hydro Flask, a well-known and recognizable brand in the outdoor industry, recently announced the launch of a category-first product circularity program. On March 15th, the brand improves its commitment to sustainable production by integrating a more circular product lifecycle accessible to its customers. They are doing this with the introduction of a new product trade-in program. This program allows consumers to recycle any “over-loved” or even unwanted Hydro Flask products.

What Is the Hydro Flask Trade-In Program?

The motivation behind creating this program is to help divert products at the end of their life away from the waste stream. By accepting old or damaged stainless steel items, Hydro Flask effectively creates an in-house recycling program and introduces a further-reaching circular economy to their company’s sustainability model. As a brand, they have been participating in a circular economy since 2017 and successfully recycled over 100,000 pounds of stainless steel and polypropylene. Now, with the announcement of a trade-in program accepting their stainless steel bottles, tumblers, mugs, food jars, bowls, plates, and accessories, they can advance their impact and begin to eliminate consumer waste as well.

It is no secret that all Hydro Flask products are designed with durability in mind, and are meant to withstand even the toughest outdoor environments. Still, products eventually wear down, components break, or we find a new product to replace them. Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to recycle and repurpose. Not only that, but it is indefinitely recyclable without weakening or compromising the integrity of the material. Unfortunately, things like water bottles, tumblers, cups, and plates are not openly accepted by most curbside recycling programs so Hydro Flask came up with a solution that helps consumers and the planet.

“We understand how hard the active, on-thego lifestyle of our customers can be on some products and that eventually, it may be time to retire their over-loved Hydro Flask. Through the Trade-In program, customers can feel better about parting ways with their Hydro Flasks knowing they won’t end up in landfills.”

Larry Witt, President of Helen of Troy’s Home & Outdoor segment
Camping photo
Hydro Flask Trade-In

How to Trade In Your Hydro Flask

To participate, simply follow a few quick and easy steps:

  1. Register your used Hydro Flask products (including stainless steel bottles, tumblers, mugs, food jars, plates and accessories) at
  2. Print the provided shipping label and adhere it directly onto the item (no additional packaging required!)
  3. Once the product is received, you’ll be emailed a redeemable promo code, which can be used exclusively on and the unique MyHydro personalization site.

Hydro Flask encourages customers to keep any lids, boots, caps, or straws that can be reused with other bottles. If these components are also unwanted, they can also be sent back with the other products submitted in the trade-in program.

“This is just the start of our team’s long-term aspiration for complete product circularity. It’s a small
first step, but we’re inspired and excited by this movement toward a larger end-goal of reducing our
collective footprint and extending the life of our products.”

Indigo Teiwes, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Helen of Troy’s Housewares segment

The new Trade-In program builds on Hydro Flask’s long-standing brand mission to leave the world better than they found it. It continues its focus on sustainability efforts and corporate responsibility missions like the Parks For All program, Refill For Good initiative, product stewardship at end of life, and Design for Environment Guidelines application.

More information about Hydro Flask’s corporate responsibility programs and efforts can be found at