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Adventure lies off the beaten path, and whether you need to hike, run, or crawl your way to that perfect fishing hole, you need clothes that can take you all the way. The Knife Creek Pant from Duluth Trading Company is a piece that answers the call. Part of Duluth’s Alaskan Hardgear series, the Knife Creek Pant is built for tough country and tougher conditions. Constructed with a blend of 89 percent nylon fabric and 11 percent spandex, the Knife Creek is rugged, flexible, and breathable, and ready for all that a hard day on the water throws at you. The durable nylon fabric holds up to abuse whether you’re ploughing through brush, clambering over rocks, or sliding down gravel embankments. The Knife Creek also sports a UPF 50 rating, protecting you from the harsh sun. Spandex woven into the fabric, as well as articulated knees and a stretchy crotch gusset provide a great range of motion for traversing obstacles, casting a rod, netting fish, or any other dynamic movement that may be required on the water. 

The Knife Creek Pant has eight pockets, and plenty of space to stow your essentials and even some extras. In addition to standard side and back pockets, the pants also include zip cargo pockets and two pockets made with puncture-resistant materials that can help you stow sharp or pointy tools without tearing the fabric or filleting yourself. An integrated adjustable belt is also included for a custom fit, and a hidden boot clip in the cuff of each pant leg helps to keep your pants in place throughout a long day on the water. 

One of the Knife Creek’s best features is its ability to dry quickly. If you put your time in on the water, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get wet, but when. It can be not only uncomfortable, but even dangerous if you can’t get dry and warm in the field. The Knife Creek’s technical fabric repels small amounts of moisture, but when it does get wet, it doesn’t take too much time to dry out. This also makes the Knife Creek a great choice for wet-wading. Sometimes it’s nice to throw on a pair of sandals and fish in the cool water without lugging around waders all day, and the quick drying Knife Creek makes that possible.  

With an athletic, yet relaxed cut, tough but flexible quick-drying fabric, and a ton of storage, the Knife Creek Pant will get you where the fish are and home again no matter what nature tries to throw at you. If you’re in the market for some new threads that can go the distance, the Alaskan Hardgear series from Duluth Trading Company is a good place to start.