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Every bowhunter understands the value of a good broadhead when you’re out chasing big game. While there are plenty of quality compound bow broadhead brands out there, Muzzy is one of the best—and has been for years. Luckily right now, you can get a pack of six Muzzy 3-Blade Bowhunting Broadheads for under $30 at Amazon. At nearly 30% off, this archery deal is a can’t-miss.

Available in both 100- and 125-grain, the stainless steel Muzzy broadheads feature a super sharp Trocar tip that penetrates easily and creates a large wound to down whatever you’re hunting. The three-blade design also improves flight stability, making your shot much more accurate, whether you’re shooting a compound bow or a crossbow.

“Myself and all my family members been using Muzzy 100s since they came out back in the 80s… still the best out on the market,” one reviewer raves, noting that the fixed-blade broadheads “blow through” everything from a coyote to a bull elk.

This deal won’t last long, so snag a pack (or two or three) of Muzzy broadheads while you can. The season may still be a few months away, but savings like this won’t stick around.