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If you’ve been on the hunt—pun intended—for a high quality pair of night vision binoculars, now might be the best time to buy them. These GThunder night vision binoculars are currently nearly 75% off at Amazon, which means you can get them for just $119. That’s a savings of $160—not too shabby.

With nearly 4,000 reviews, they’re some of the most popular binoculars on Amazon. Water-resistant and battery-powered, they have seven infrared modes that allow you to see in all different lighting conditions, along with up to 4x digital zoom. You can even take photos and record videos with the binoculars.

“I am THOROUGHLY surprised at the low cost and high performance and effectiveness of these goggles; I wish I’d bought them years sooner,” one person wrote. “I now can stealthily roam the woods at night and see a world that my flashlight would have chased off…..and I’m glad I didn’t spend $3500 for ATN models as GThunder is more than adequate for my budget.”

Act fast—a deal this good isn’t likely to last too long.