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Whether you’re trying to restore your favorite rain jacket or protect your rain gear for fishing, Nikwax is up for the job. Beloved by outdoor enthusiasts, the waterproofing spray can re-waterproof almost anything. And right now you can get the popular Nikwax TX Direct Waterproofing Spray for just $15 at Amazon.

The spray-on Nikwax TX Direct adds water-repellency and improves breathability of any waterproof gear, from jackets and pants to waders and bibs. It even works on sleeping bags. All you have to do is wash your garment, spray it thoroughly with the Nikwax waterproofing spray-on treatment, and let it dry. And voila—you’ll have better-performing gear that effectively repels water. You can use it on any brand from The North Face to Columbia and everything in between.

For just $15, Nikwax TX Direct Waterproofing Spray could make your expensive rain gear last even longer, which makes it well worth buying. It will likely save you money in the long run and keep you dry out in the field—win-win.