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The struggle that is trying to spool line on a fishing reel is very real. It’s a tedious yet important process—if your reel isn’t spooled properly, you’re going to have issues with your line while casting and potentially miss out on a catch. Enter the Piscifun Speed X fishing line spooler, which is currently on sale at Amazon for just $29. This handy gadget does all the work for you—and it’s nearly 30 percent off right now.

The Piscifun Speed X fishing line spooler is both easy to use and efficient. You can spool your reel with very little effort on your part in under five minutes (and likely much quicker). The unique conical adaptor ensures tight tension the entire time, and the adjustable clamp can hold almost any size and brand of reel. You can use it to spool spinning, baitcasting, and spincast reels. The aluminum rod is sturdy and can be adjusted to different lengths for more comfortable winding. The spooler also features an unwinding function, should you need it.

Take advantage of this discounted price while you can—the deal won’t last for long. Then you can get to doing what you love: less time spooling, more time fishing.