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While we can’t speak for the effectiveness or quality of all the generators and power stations listed, a few of the brands were featured in our Best Solar Generators of 2022 gear roundup. Generators and power stations are excellent investments, and these investments are made more affordable with some stellar Prime Day discounts. Take advantage of these deals while they are available and get the generator or power station that fits your at home, garage, or backcountry setup.

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Portable Generators and Power Stations on Sale Prime Day 2022

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

ECOFLOW has quite a few power station options on the market, but the EF ECOFLOW Delta Mini is a tiny but mightily powerhouse. It is an ultra-portable power station with 882 Wh and weighs around 24 lbs. It can fully charge from solar in just 4-6 hours (in direct light) or a standard outlet in 1-2 hours. It has 12 ports for versatile use and is perfect for camping and RV travel. The size and fast charging capabilities make this deal hard to pass up.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Get up to 41% off this entry-level Jackery Portable Power Station. Jackery power stations are durable and designed for outdoor use. This particular solar generator is smaller and more compact, making it perfect for travel. The smaller design makes charging easy, even when relying on solar panels. The recommended use for a power station of this size and capability is to recharge small electronics like laptops, lanterns, and phones. It is not compatible with power most appliances.

ZeroKor Outdoor Generators Portable Power Station

The ZeroKor power station is a small generator providing enough power to keep small items like phones and tablets charged. It is powerful enough to run a CP-AP machine and some small camping appliances but won’t be suitable for large or powerful appliances like refrigerators or hair dryers. It is compatible with solar panels (sold separately) but can also be charged in a 12V car port and wall outlet. The small size of this power station makes it an excellent option for weekend camping trips, road trips, or as a way to keep your laptop charged as you work from the road.

HOWEASY Solar Generator with Lithium Battery Pack

The HOWEASY solar generator is a versatile power station with a 300Wh lithium-ion battery pack. That provides enough power to charge phones, cameras, laptops, and even run mini car refrigerators. A generator this size can still come in handy during power outages to charge lanterns, headlamps, and radios but won’t be quite large enough to backup large appliances. It is small and easy to carry (only weighs 6.4 lbs) and is protected from short-circuiting.

ALLWEI Portable Power Station

Great for camping, fishing, and general outdoor travel, the ALLWEI portable power station has four light modes and can power up to 9 devices simultaneously. It provides 300W of power and is compatible with charging devices like phones, drones, cameras, laptops, and e-readers. The fast charging battery is compatible with solar panels, wall outlets, and car charging ports. At just 6.5 lbs, it is easy to transport and has enough battery life to power most adventures.

PowerFort Portable Power Station

Save up to $50 on the mini and multi-functional power station. Whether you want a small backup for natural disasters or need a little power station to take on the road, the PowerFort 150Wh portable power station is a great option. It is about half the size of other entry-level power stations and generators, but it is still compatible with charging small devices. It only weighs about 3.6 lbs, making it the perfect travel companion. It doesn’t take up much space, can charge necessary electronics, and is easy to charge.

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